How to Shade with Colored Pencils 1

In this video Jazza from Draw with Jazza covers the techniques he uses when shading with coloring pencils.  This short video is loaded with great tips, I feel some of the more important ones are using very slight pressure when applying color.  It takes some time to get to the saturation you want, but by applying gentle pressure you can really control how much color gets applied and you don’t get lines across your drawing.

Another interesting tip is to use a complementary but slightly contrasting color for shadows.  Rather than using a gray or a black color, Jazza recommends using a complementary and slightly contrasting color to make sure that the shadow pops but blends nicely with the base color.

We’ve been sharing lots of great free adult coloring pages, but with these tips, I’m sure you’ll be making masterpieces in no time!

I’ll leave you with the video, and below you can find my attempt at applying Jazza’s techniques.

I downloaded the following image from here and applied Jazza’s techniques to the best of my ability.


Colored Pencil Shading

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  • Marsha Lawrence

    I’m new at colouring (didn’t colour much as a kid either) and this is a great start for me to think about shading. I won’t fool myself into thinking I’ll get it right away after watching this, but your tips are now there in the back of my mind as I practice. Thanks, Jazza. (Awesome name!)